January 12

BBBS launches their 60 Men to Mentors initiative, celebrating their 60th Anniversary in 2023

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest (BBBS) is turning to the community for help in matching 60 boys (Littles) who are currently on the waitlist for a mentor (Big). BBBS hopes to match those 60 Littles with their Big by April 1, 2023 to coincide with their 60th Anniversary Big Celebration Gala.

The 60 boys on the waitlist reside in Worcester and will benefit from a mentor. The reasons for why these young kids, ages ranging from 8-16, are in need of a mentor varies. Some are coming from single-parent households and are lacking a male role model. Others have experienced difficulties in life and need that extra connection that a Big provides. After being matched with a mentor, it has been found that children gain confidence, do better in school, and are overall happier.

BBBS has garnered the support for the 60 Men to Mentors initiative from Worcester Mayor, Joe Petty, and Worcester City Manager, Eric Batista. Mr. Petty and Mr. Batista have been important advocates in connecting BBBS with people throughout the Worcester community who will play a role in making the initiative a success.

BBBS CEO, Connie Askin, explains, “with 100 children on the waitlist, Mayor Petty is helping us put out the call: Big Brothers Big Sisters needs caring adult volunteers to sign up as volunteers! The commitment is just 1 hour a week- if you sleep 8 or 9 hours a night, 1 hour is less than 1% of the time you’re awake. Worcester, you can change a child’s life for the better with 1% of your time!”

Once a match is made between a Big and a Little, they are supported by one of BBBS’ professionally trained, Match Support Specialists. The Match Support Specialists conduct monthly check-ins with both the Big, the Little, and the parent/guardian to make sure the relationship is a healthy and productive one.

BBBS Board Chair, Jack Hoehlein, further emphasized, “Boys tend to sit on the wait-list longer than girls, especially boys of color. They are looking for someone who looks like them to be their special Big. A coach, a mentor, a friend. We are calling this campaign 60 Men to Mentors, because we need 60 men to sign up as volunteers, to spend just 1 hour a week with children who need a Big Brother.”

To learn more about the initiative visit: https://bigscm.org/60-men-to-mentors or call 508-752-7868.

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