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What are the requirements for being a Big?

We believe that every child deserves a chance to see their potential realized. Matching children with caring, supportive mentors changes lives. It changes the life of the Little and oftentimes, it changes the life of the Big as well. Take a moment and think about the people throughout your life who have been a positive role model or mentor to you. Maybe it was your coach, teacher, or neighbor. Maybe it was a bit closer to home and you found that mentor in a parent. You may not have realized it at the time, but throughout our lives, mentors give us confidence, empower our personal development, encourage us to achieve our goals and in the simplest way, are there when you need them. 

BBBS of Central Mass & Metrowest serve at-risk children and teens who are looking for a friend, mentor, and role model. By creating 1:1 mentoring relationships between volunteer Bigs and Littles in our communities, we are empowering youth to realize that potential. However, we can’t do it alone. We need the help of people like you – generous, caring people who want to do some good in our corner of the world. 

Our Bigs come from diverse backgrounds just like our Littles. They are regular people, just like you. You don’t need any special degrees or job skills. You just have to want to positively impact a young person. Role models come in all shapes and sizes, and you could be a perfect fit.

If you meet all of the following criteria, we think you would be a great candidate to be a Big:

  • 18 years or older
  • Have the ability to commit 1-2 hours per week of time spent with your Little
  • Reside in our service area
  • Have a genuine interest in getting to know a young person

If you fit the criteria above, then we hope you will consider applying to become a Big! There are several mentoring programs that we offer. 


The most widely known program is our Community-Based Mentoring Program. In this program, Bigs meet with their Little by communicating with the Little and their family to plan activities. One week you may be picking them up and taking them to a bowling alley and the next week maybe you’re having them over and baking cookies together.  As your relationship grows and you get to know one another, you’ll find a rhythm that works. 


If you heard about our program through your employer or the college you attend, it is likely we have an existing program at that location. The Corporate Site-Based Mentoring Program and Worcester Area College Mentoring Program are more structured. There are scheduled times when you will meet with your Little either at your place of employment, college, or their school/after-school program.


Because we will be matching you with a young person, you can imagine that safety is a top priority of ours. In order to ensure that our Bigs are safe for the Littles we serve, we have several safety regulations in place. First, we conduct a background check for all applicants. We will provide you with a CORI/SORI form to complete so we can conduct that background check. For Bigs who are applying to be a part of the Community-Based Mentoring Program and will be driving their Little to and from places, we also verify driving history. Finally, we ask you to send us three references so we can further confirm that you would be a safe mentor. 


Outside of these simple criteria and safety checks, it comes down to wanting to do good in your community and in a child’s life. By taking a few hours each month to spend time with a young person, you will be given the opportunity to ignite potential in their life. At the time, it may not seem like much. You may think, am I really making a difference in this moment? But we’re here to tell you that all those little moments lead to positive changes for that child.

If you’re ready to take the next step and apply to become a Big, click here.

Read our full Guide to Becoming a Big and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest here.

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